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Mont Saint Michel


Situated on the border with Brittany, the Mont Saint Michel is probably France's most famous attraction second only to the Eiffel Tower, and it is one of the most suggestive places in Normandy. Visitors are left speechless when they find themselves in front of this place, which was included in 1979 in the list of Unesco World Heritage Sites.
The Mont Saint Michel is a 80 mt hill lying on a small island and connected with the dryland by means of a road. On top of the hill stands out the majestic bulk of the Benedictine abbey, built between the X and XVI century and dedicated to Saint Michel Archangel.


Around the foothills surrounded by the sea stand up some old defensive bastions and small stone houses which overlook the main street "Grand Rue".
The place is mostly famous for the phenomenon of tides strictly bound to the gravitation force of the moon, which periodically can increase the water level up to 15 metres, offering visitors a seldom and fascinating spectacle.


To best admire the phenomenon you should climb the steps up to the gardens of the abbey, from where you can enjoy a magnificent view on the bay. But be prepared to share the beauties of the Mont Saint Michel with throngs of tourists!.


Be careful where you park your car as parkings are often covered by the water during tides. Timetables of the upcoming tides are well signalled on informative panels. Special attention must be given to quicksands which are abundant in the area, representing a serious danger for travellers and fishermen. The phenomenon of quicksands was also mentioned in the book "Les travailleurs de la mer" by the French writer Victor Hugoin which he describes the fear of travellers who were unaware of the peril, until they found themselves stuck in the terrible traps.


For more info and for an up-to-date tide forecast visit the website:
During the summer (from mid May until September), it is possibile to visit the abbey by night, with music entertainment.
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