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Normandy gastronomic offer is characterised by the abundance of meat, dairy products and apples. The countryside is spread with farms, pastures, distilleries and cheese factories, many of which offer direct products sale.


As for meat, a specialty absolutely to be tasted is the pre-salted lamb (Agneau Pré-salé), Its soft meat and genuine taste is due to the peculiar breeding conditions of the animals, which are left free to graze on the saline meadows around the Mont Saint Michel.
Another local delicacy is "trip", prepared with the inner parts of bovines, cow feet and dry cider. The plate requires long cooking times, from 12 to 15 hours, inside a traditional terracotta pot.


Worthy of mention are also the exquisite crustaceans, especially oysters and scallops, but also lobsters and shrimps, which can be found in great quantities in the markets of Honfleur and Trouville.
The most traditional fish dish is "matelote", a tasty soup prepared with white wine and cream, and the delicious "sole of Normandy".


Another typical specialty of the local gastronomy is cheese, derived from the exquisite and abundant milk produced in the region. There are four qualities of cheese which obtained the DOC certification: the famous Camembert, produced in the homonymous village Neufchatel, a heart-shaped cheese, Livarot, with a strong hay-like flavour, and the tasty Pont l'Eveque.


Cheese in France are usually served at the end of a meal.


As for wine excellences in Normandy, the production of 10 millions apple-trees in the region ensures some excellent liquors. Among these are Sidro, fresh and lower-tasted, Pommeau de Normandie, sweet and light, and the famous Calvados, a strong brandy. You may also follow the "path of cider" a charming and tasty path through the cellars and crushers where the Cider and Calvados are produced.


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