Alabaster coast (Fecamp, Etretat) Normandy




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Alabaster coast(Fecamp, Etretat)


The "Cote d'Albatre" is a 100 km long strip of sand going from Dieppe to Etretat and it is characterised by high white cliffs overlooking long narrow stone and gravel beaches.


The best way to admire the suggestive landscape is to rent a car and drive along the scenic roads D75 and D79, which wind along the coast.  
The main villages on the coast are Fecamp Etratat.


Fecamp is a lovely port town once renowned for cod fishing.
The main monument is the Benedictine Palace, which plays host to a famous distillery. Inside, the museum illustrates the history and distillation process used by the Benedictines to produce a famous local digestive liquor.


The lovelyvillage of Etretat dowes its fame to the spectacular cliffs surrounding it, like the famous Aval Cliff, from where to enjoy a fantastic view over the mammoth 90 metres high arch of Manneporte, opening like a vault on the edges of the cliff.


From the beach two treks lead to the Aval and Amont cliffs (this one also reachable by car). The view offered by these towering and romantic cliffs at dusk makes the visitors speechless.


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