How to arrive in Normandy




Useful info to visit Normandy

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How to arrive in Normandy


By Car

Normandy is well connected with the rest of France and can be easily reached from Paris, which lies only 135 km far from Rouen and 235 km from Caen. The road system in France is very good, with well maintained and signalled high speed roads. It can be useful to know that state roads are marked with green signs, whereas highways are marked with blue signs (the toll is generally pretty expensive).
The price of oil in France may vary significantly from station to station. Generally the oil stations inside big supermarket chains are cheaper than those situated on the main roads.

Speed limit on the highways is 130km, 110 on high speed roads and between 70 and 90 km on extraurban roads. There are numerous autovelox (speed detectors) spread along the entire road system, so be careful.
The use of a car is the best way to visit Normandy. If you don’t want to drive all the way to France with your own vehicle you may rent one on place for your entire stay.


By Plane

If you want to reach Normandia by plane the best solution is to fly with either"low-cost"and national airlines to Paris, which is connected with all the major European capitals.

There are three airports in Normandy, with domestic flights offering interconnections from Paris, Marseille and Lion:

Rouen Vallée du Sein Airport (URO): 8 km south-east of the town of Boos

Caen airport (CFR): 5 km west of Carpiquet

Le Havre airport (LEH): 6 km north of Octeville-sur-Mer.


By Train

Normandy can be reached by train with comfortable daily trains departing from the Saint Lazare station in Paris. The two main connections are with the city of Rouen, (about one hour, price 20 Euro) and the town of Bayeux, which can be reached in 2 hours and a half for the price of 34 Euro.
For more information on French railways consult the


By Bus

Each of the five counties in Normandy has their own public bus system serving the main cities and territories.

Calvados: and (Caen)

Manche: and (Cherbourg)


Sein Maritime: (Rouen) and  (Le Havre)